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Love, love the bright star you are

Love, love the bright star you are

Poem and Artwork by Diane Melanie.


I am sure life is more wonderful and precarious than we should ever know.

In fact, it may be a mistake to consider anything ordinary.

Amazing is all there is.

Think about it.

painting of a child with a rainbow of different colours around them

There has never been a day like this day,

and there will never be another you.

Child of Earth, you are a miracle,

with your very own starsong for guidance and protection…

…listen   …listen

Understand that you belong – as everything belongs – to the wondrous Web of all Creation

You walk in myth and legend,

the hero of your own story,

instinctively directing yourself toward a better day.

drawing of a single daisy with soft pink and greens in the background

You live in beauty, not because you own beautiful things,

but because you appreciate that the world is one of abundant beauty,

– including beauty you will never see –

and knowing you are blessed.

Please don’t spend any of your precious time trying to be flawless.

Fighting yourself only adds to the sum of conflict in the world.

drawing of a field mouse with berries in pastel colours

Nothing will ever be enough,

if you do not accept yourself in this moment as complete.

It is in your wholeness – in your perfect imperfection – that you are beautiful.

And try not to agonise over purpose or achievement.

Your most significant act could be one you never even recognise –

the fleeting smile to a passing stranger that, unknowingly, made all the difference…

pastel drawing of a bumblebee hovering over a foxglove purple flower

You do not live without effect in the world.

‘I don’t know…’ is just one of many ways to stop yourself before you’ve even tried.

It’s also the best place to start.

Only take your first step and keep walking.

As you venture, trust that life will always meet you half way.

There may be doors you approach, and even knock on – perhaps many times – before you are ready to go through them.

Sometimes you have to do the difficult thing because it matters,

and because it is no one else’s responsibility.

pencil drawing of an owl's face

In challenging times, seek sanctuary in the safe harbour of your truth.

Life is much too precious to be doing something you neither love nor believe in.

As unnerving as it can be, change renews the world.

And the timing is always right. Don’t doubt it.

pastel drawing riverbank

A river knows its path after all.

Be assured, you are never lost

Though at times you may feel forsaken or without hope,

even then, forces are at work to relieve you.

Have faith. Hold on.

Everything is perfectly in order – even the chaos.

Problems only have the power you give them to spoil a day.

Give yourself that power instead – the power to thrive.

Wherever plans may take you, there is really only one journey;

only you to leave and return to.

You are home, dear one. In yourself.

The dream, the destination already exists within you.

Was there from the very beginning.

pastel drawing of a horse and foal hugging

Promise to do one thing, every day, that your future self will thank you for.

Go as far as you can imagine, beyond all chains,

knowing that your truest dream is always the universe’s will for you.

Graciously accept the loving gifts of others along the way,

just as your lungs accept, without question, your next breath of air

You are loved immeasurably.

Let love give you wings and awaken you to so much of what you already have

And love in return –

with your whole life not just your heart

pastel colour drawing of a child's face with swirls of colours around it

Be generous with your light –

it helps others to shine

You are your own radiant gift to the world

Love, love the bright star you are


Diane Melanie

This article was written by a past Neurodiversity Profile Mapping client of WayMakers whom we are proud to have as a guest contributor to our site.