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Person-centred. Strengths-based. Solution-focused.




Supporting neuro-inclusive social groups in North Devon. Offering peer support and social connections.

Person-centred. Strengths-based. Solution-focused.

Supporting neuro-inclusive social groups in North Devon. Offering peer support and social connections.

Inclusive Groups

We offer enjoyable activities with peers in a safe and well-supported space. See what is currently running below:

    The AFAB Group

    Peer support and social connections for 14-19 year old girls and those assigned a female gender at birth.

    What is the AFAB Group?

    This is a small social group for 14-19 year old autistic girls, and those assigned a female gender at birth (AFAB). These young people might be in or out of education, home educated or working – all are welcome. 

    Facilitated by specialist staff who are trauma-informed, the group offers these young people: 

    • peer support 
    • fun activities 
    • social connections 
    • personal development discussions 
    • visiting speakers with lived experience 
    • occasional outings 

      Our AFAB Gallery

      Here is a collection of pictures, artwork, outings and other creative things we get up to on a Wednesday.

        What are the benefits?

        • a calm and accessible space.
        • a sense of belonging.
        • fun and enjoyment.
        • solidarity.
        • improved self-knowledge and self-acceptance.
        • shared problem-solving and the comfort and reassurance that comes with that.
        • friendship.

        “The AFAB sessions have helped me by giving me more confidence to socialise with new people, and helped me grow as a person.”

        How does it work?

        • We meet on Wednesdays during term-time, from 1.30 – 3.30pm.
        • Our venue is a calm, low sensory space in central Barnstaple.
        • There are up to 10 people in the group, plus two specialist staff:
        • We are immensely grateful for the funding we have had for this project to date from a range of grant-making bodies.

        What are the costs?

        There is a voluntary contribution of £3 per week. 

        There may be an additional charge for outings. These happen very occasionally and by agreement of the group. 

          What participants and caregivers say about the AFAB Group

          The acceptance and shared experience of being with those my age who also struggle with some things and are able to excel in others.

          AFAB Group Member

          I rarely get to talk to others my age or get to share my more personal interests and hobbies with others, the AFAB group gives me that opportunity

          AFAB Group Member

          As someone who does not have a lot of opportunities to be social with people of my age group in my village, one of my favourite experiences with AFAB group is being able to talk with people my age and feeling welcomed.

          AFAB Group Member

          This is the only place she feels comfortable being with other young people.

          Parent / Caregiver

          AFAB Frequently Asked Questions

          Can I try the group out before I commit?

          Of course you can. Please get in touch first, and you will be very welcome to drop in for all or part of a session to see what you think.

          I’m feeling quite anxious: what if I’m not ready to join in?

          There’s no pressure to speak or to participate in activities until you feel ready.

          There is even an adjacent room to our main room: you are welcome to sit and listen in from a short distance first if you prefer.

          It takes each of us a different amount of time to feel comfortable, so there’s no rush.

          We also have mini whiteboards and pens if you prefer to communicate with us that way. 


          Do I need a diagnosis to join this group?

          No! No diagnosis is necessary. We believe in meeting needs, more than labels.  

          Board Games Group – Barnstaple

          New Dates 2023


          ~ Are you looking for an opportunity to meet new people, but don’t know how to take that first step?

          ~ Perhaps the idea makes you feel anxious, or the common ways of meeting new people don’t suit you.

          ~ Whatever the reason, Shuffleup are there to support you.

          ~ The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in playing board games!


            Location: Lilico’s, Barnstaple

            Day: Tuesdays

            Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

            Dates: new dates for 2024 to be confirmed


            * Please note that WayMakers is no longer involved in organising or supervising these sessions. Please contact ShuffleUp if you have any questions.

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