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Welcome to WayMakers

Improving opportunities and outcomes for autistic people age 14+, their employers, and others working with them.

Facilitating growth, progress and equity

Bespoke 1-to-1 strategy coaching for autistic clients.

Organisational training and workshops.

Neurodiversity Screening and Support.

Guidance on supporting your neurodistinct staff or clients.

Replacing barriers with opportunities

The WayMakers team:

  • helps coaching clients develop the tools and insights to embark on the next step of their journey with confidence;
  • enables clients’ voices to be heard and needs to be met;
  • helps grow wider knowledge and acceptance of neurodiversity;
  • promotes a culture of inclusivity and diversity within organisations.

We want a world in which everyone can access their preferred journeys.

We open doors and identify opportunities that value individual talent.

skill care endorsed provider

Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace 2023:

Our North Devon survey results are published!

The training far exceeded my expectations. Alex’s knowledge is outstanding and I feel much more confident in working with autistic clients.

Module of Counselling Diploma

“This training engaged on a human, holistic and practical level, and was extremely sensitively delivered.”

Exeter Phoenix workshop, 2021

Practical strategies are informed by insight and understanding to promote lasting success in education, training and employment.

“Alex helped me understand that there are people like me. It’s made me more open to myself and others, instead of being paranoid, and I appreciated that our time together felt welcoming, not forced.”

15 year old coaching client

“My daughter now has a clear path to obtain her first job. She is more confident, has a greater understanding of the different considerations required, and useful tools that can be developed as needed. We are so pleased this service is running, and would recommend it to others with autism.”

Parent of 18 year old coaching client

You might be wondering…

But my child / pupil / employee doesn’t know you?

Being independent means we hold no ulterior motives.

Our purpose is to facilitate the change that is needed, with the client’s best interests at heart. We recognise that trust and a good rapport are essential to the coaching relationship, so this is a priority in all our work.

How is an education specialist relevant to a workplace?

We have the training, expertise and experience to understand individual needs in a truly holistic sense, within different environments, activities and social contexts. Our ability to develop your understanding of autism and our track record of devising personalised, solution-focused strategies that empower individuals is a rich resource to complement existing HR practices.

Are you counsellors?

We are not counsellors, but our toolbox is packed with techniques and approaches from a multitude of disciplines: counselling, psychology, specialist education and neuroscience. We access both clinical and peer supervision with other professionals to support reflective dialogue and collaborative learning. 

We are grateful for the kind support of

national lottery funding WayMakers Devon
DMHA partnership providing support for people experiencing challenges with their mental health
national lottery funding WayMakers Devon
The Norman Family Trust

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