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Person-centred. Strengths-based. Solution-focused.

Client Feedback

We have had the privilege of working with a wide range of teenagers, adults, groups and organisations.

Person-centred. Strengths-based. Solution-focused.

We have had the privilege of working with a wide range of teenagers, adults, groups and organisations.

What our clients say

Words kindly received from workshop attendees, coachees, and parents/carers.

    Re-engaged with education

    Helped into the workplace

    Participated in our autism workshops

    So informative and thought provoking. The Appreciating Autism workshop was innovative and challenging of typical models, views and presentations.

    Excellent delivery, positive and solution-focused.

    Caring Professionals workshop attendee

    Alex helped me understand that there are people like me. It’s made me more open to myself and others, instead of being paranoid, and I appreciated that our time together felt welcoming, not forced.

    15 year old coachee

    I had originally enlisted the help of Alex and WayMakers for the support of a team member, little did I know I’d get so much from the process personally. I’ve found so much more focus and productivity, I feel like I’ve opened up new capacity I didn’t know I had!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend WayMakers to all!

    Profile mapping client

    I rarely get to talk to others my age or get to share my more personal interests and hobbies with others, the AFAB group gives me that opportunity.

    AFAB Group Member

    I’ve found so much more focus and productivity, I feel like I’ve opened up new capacity I didn’t know I had! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend WayMakers to all!

    Adult profile mapping client

    This helped me be the most productive I’d been for a long time. I felt less stressed, felt I was contributing to the team, and I enjoyed being given more responsibilities at work. I felt there was a stronger working relationship with my line manager and since I was able to start meeting the criteria on my Action Plan, I was granted an extension to support my ongoing development.

    Adult job coachee

    The acceptance and shared experience of being with those my age who also struggle with some things and are able to excel in others.

    AFAB Group Member

    Alex really makde the topic come alive and her experience gave me light bulb moments of how neurodiverse people’s brains work and how to understand and help meet their needs. Really great, thank you.

    Primary Care, NHS Workshop attendee

    As someone who does not have a lot of opportunities to be social with people of my age group in my village, one of my favourite experiences with AFAB group is being able to talk with people my age and feeling welcomed.

    AFAB Group Member

    I believe that I certainly do have a place in the world and have built confidence to ask for adaptations to be made. I am now more positive, more optimisitc, less anxious and more confident.


    I loved learning that it’s actually much more common to be neurodivergent than I thought and there are lots of ways we could all create a more relaxed and inclusive space.

    Higher Education Training attendee

    Alex clearly know a lot about neurodiversity and is very passionate. Her training was brilliant and a great opportunity to have these important discussions.

    Workshop Attendee

    I really enjoyed this workshop. I would definitely attend another and recommend it to others.

    Workshop Attendee

    The workshop provided a thorough and indepth understand of autism with great reading material to go away with. Alex was engaging and so knowledgeable. Thank you so much.

    Young adult coachee

    Waymakers has been an amazing resource and opportunity for my daughter.

    I had been desperately searching for a group of girls that were similar to her that she could share her experiences with and make some potential friends.

    Alex and Becky at Waymakers have been fantastic with the group facilitating their interactions in a relaxed and open environment.

    This group is the highlight of my daughters week and I can already see how her confidence has grown.

    Thank goodness Waymakers saw how much this group was needed and requested funding to run the girls with autism group. They deserve an outstanding new business award, the impact of their work has had a huge impact on how my daughter feels about her self esteem her confidence and most of all new friendships.

    AFAB Group Parent

    Alex has been instrumental in helping me understand my neurodiversity and embracing the many possibilities this acceptance brings. I feel empowered, liberated and confident as I embark on my freelance voyage. 

    Adult Job Coachee

    My daughter now has a clear path to obtain her first job. She is more confident, has a greater understanding of the different considerations required, and useful tools that can be developed as needed. We are so pleased this service is running, and would recommend it to others with autism.

    Parent of 18 year old coaching client

    The training really helped me gain a better understanding into what neurodiversity is and the umbrella of conditions that make up the term.

    It was also very useful to learn how to apply the techniques, tools and best practices into all the designs we produce.

    Workshop Attendee

    Alex was truly passionate about her work which her presentation both engaging and informative. Lots learnt thank you!

    Counsellors' Workshop attendee

    My daughter took part in the Hi to Thrive program, I must say this was very well run and had a very positive impact on her. The whole atmosphere was very friendly and professionally run… great job Waymakers. Would’ve loved the project to have been longer!

    Hi to Thrive Parent

    Just wanted to give you a little update on my son, we’re sure that you have contributed to his happiness.

    He’s in a pretty good place at the moment. He’s doing very well at work. He’s absolutely loving his job and has built some friendships and I think they are all very kind to him.

    Parents of a coach

    The AFAB sessions have helped me by giving me more confidence to socialise with new people, and helped me grow as a person.

    AFAB Group Member

    Alex’s passion and knowledge of the subject is infectious. Feeling much more confident. There are so many things to go away and think about in order to provide a more inclusive space.

    Workshop attendee

    Excellent. Comprehensive. Feel I have a better understanding in particular introception and alexithymia.

    Workshop Attendee

    I enjoyed the whole talk! It was very engaging and easily the most enjoyable and engaging talk I’ve attended in a long time. Alex is very personable, friendly and informative and is an excellent speaker. She presented neurodivergent and autism in such a positive way, it was really refreshing and thought provoking.

    Higher Education Workshop attendee

    This is the only place she feels comfortable being with other young people.

    AFAB Parent / Carer

    Alex allowed me the space and time to express my feelings without judgement. She was clear in providing strategies to help me cope. She really understood what I was struggling with and provided simple resources to help me.


    Alex understood me well and was gentle and patient with me. She gave me things to try, and didn’t make me feel bad when things didn’t work, instead giving me more helpful suggestions of other things to try.

    Young adult coachee

    You were very good at talking me through things that I could do differently in a fair and balanced way. You were also really good at assisting when I needed to talk to my line manager, helping me to self-advocate and to convey my needs.

    Job coachee

    Having time to reflect and learn. Love the mix of content and time to look at our own practice

    Caring Professionals workshop attendee

    Alex has been coaching one of my team
    for a few months now and giving some advice to line managers.

    She helped greatly in educating our tech company about neurodiversity and how to work with the differences in our staff -rather than trying to make everything fit a prescribed structure.

    Alex also did a lunch and learn session with the whole team, and has helped me (People Lead) to introduce the concept of psychological safety for all.

    HR manager of a job coachee

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