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What our clients say

We have had the privilege of working with some extraordinary teenagers and adults. Here are some of the kind words of gratitude we have received, post care.


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Re-engaged with education

Helped into the workplace

Participated in our autism workshops

She is visibly more confident about employment and her own skills, strengths and what she has to offer an employer. You’ve been able to progress things and that’s been really, really helpful.

D, a parent.

‘He has learned life skills he will have forever.’

As a Mum, I have always felt lost with regards to [my son] and the world around him. I just wish I could get in his head for a few minutes! But then you came into our lives and you just got him. Your communication, guidance, help and support to our family was above and beyond what anybody could wish for. We cannot thank you enough. He has learned skills he will have forever.

Thank you, Alex – you are amazing at what you do!

K, a parent.

‘For the first time in years our house didn’t feel quite like the ‘war zone’ we were used to.’

Not only does my daughter now attend college, but Alex organised travel training and apart from her very long college days, she now gets the bus to and from college independently.

This takes a little over an hour each way and would never have happened without Alex. Alex is still an incredibly important person in my daughter’s life even though she isn’t really part of it anymore. My daughter still likes to update Alex on her progress – she almost could not wait to share her GCSE results with her last year. Many conversations in our house are still peppered with Alex’s name.

If it had been possible, I would have wanted Alex to teach or guide my daughter for years more. I often wonder where my daughter would be now if Alex had been her teacher from an earlier age but I’m so grateful for the time we had.

M, a parent.

‘He has always been positive about his time spent with you and it has really supported him with his next steps into employment.’

I want to thank you for all you have done for [my son]. He has come on leaps and bounds and it is thanks to your dedication, compassion and kindness that he has flourished.

We will always be immensely grateful for all your hard work and dedication you have given us as a family.

M, a parent.

‘He has come on leaps and bounds thanks to your dedication.’

One thing that meant so much to me at a time when chaos ruled my life, making me feel overwhelmed and really low, was that Alex created time during the class to allow parents to come in and chat informally as well as view their children’s work while the students served us tea. Alex involved me and created a chance to spend positive time with my daughter. Alex listened without ever crossing any boundaries and helped me just as much as she helped my daughter.

M, a parent.

‘I want to say thank you for all you have done to help and support [my daughter], you have been amazing!’

Thank you for everything, Alex, and for all the wonderful support and time you have given [our daughter]. It has made a huge difference to her and had such a positive impact on her life.

K, a parent.