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Autism Coaching, Training & Consultancy

Our goal is for autistic people to flourish alongside workplace culture, creativity, productivity and effectiveness.

We offer a variety of services for:

  • indviduals
  • businesses and other organisations
  • education staff
  • health and care professionals
  • training providers

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Support for Individuals 


1-to-1 Transitions & Strategy Coaching

Coaching consists of a series of personalised sessions rooted in an individual’s strengths, wishes and needs and focused on an identified goal.

Download a case study.

The goal may relate to, for example:

  • a change of education setting;
  • transitioning into work;
  • changes at work;
  • securing strategies that enable a person to flourish in the day-to-day.

Together, we build and follow an agreed action plan, using a variety of strategies to build confidence and support the journey.

The pace and venue will be determined by individual needs; these could be a combination of home, school/college, work setting, or a public venue, or online video calls.

Typically 10 sessions, at one per week, dependent on individual needs.

The programme can be extended by mutual agreement.

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Fees: We usually have grant funding in place to subsidise our current rate of £75 per session (NB this is increasing in 2024). It is so important to us that our services are accessible to all. Fees can also be covered by Direct Payments.

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Teen AFAB Group

An opportunity for 14-19 year old autistic girls, and those assigned a female gender at birth, to connect in a small group, facilitated by specialist support, for:

  • peer support
  • activities
  • social connections
  • visiting speakers with lived experience
  • occasional outings

We know how challenging the school years can be – for any teenager, and especially neurodivergent teens.

By offering a calm and accessible space for small numbers, we hope to provide girls with a chance to support each other and find enjoyment in the solidarity and belonging that comes with shared experiences.

TIMES: Wednesdays, from 1 – 2.30pm.

LOCATION: Barnstaple, North Devon

Please enquire for details and booking.

Our pilot project was kindly supported by Living Options Devon and its continuation has been made possible by The National Lottery Awards for All , and now Devon County Council’s Growing Communities Fund.

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Job Coaching

Some scenarios at work can present a signifcant challenge. It may be that job coaching could help you.

Challenges might, for instance, relate to:

  • accessing interviews or meetings;
  • the physical environment;
  • duties and expectations in the role;
  • following processes or understanding instructions;
  • communication with managers or co-workers;
  • journeys to or from work that influence the rest of the day or home life.

We look for straightforward and low-cost solutions when trainees or employees are struggling to fulfil their role.

Solution-focused, our support recognises barriers and works from a strengths-based perspective, supporting you and your employer to reach an agreed action plan of adjustments that will improve wellbeing and effectiveness at work.

Find out more: contact alex@waymakers.co.uk

Access to Work funding may be available for job coaching. Our current rate of £110 per session is increasing in 2024.

Download an easy-read guide to the Access to Work scheme.

Download an employer’s guide to the Access to Work scheme.

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Neurodiversity Profile Mapping

Giving you access to Do-IT Solutions‘ neurodiversity profiling software, we offer a full package that includes a 2 hour consultation to help you:

  • better understand your strengths and needs;
  • develop insights into what may be contributing to certain experiences relating to your neurodiversity;
  • explore some strategies and tools to benefit you in work, study or in day-to-day life.

Read more in this attachment.

Download a booking form.

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Games Group for younger adults

What started out as a partnership with ShuffleUp CIC, is now organised and run entirely by ShuffleUp.

This is an opportunity for 18-30ish year olds who are autistic, have anxiety or who are socially isolated to meet up and play board games, connect and build social confidence in an inclusive and low-pressured context.

Sessions currently run:

  • currently weekly on Tuesday evenings
  • from 6 – 8pm
  • at Lilico’s, Barnstaple

Sessions are free, but bring along a method of payment if you’d like to buy a drink in the café.


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Autism Training & Consultancy


WayMakers for Organisations & Professionals

Diversity and inclusion are now firmly on the map, and we are proud to play our part in supporting neurodiversity inclusion to:

  • enable organisations to gain the competitive advantage of a more diverse workforce;
  • help workplaces develop a practical understanding of autism to improve their neuroinclusion practices and on-the-ground culture;
  • provide guidance on reasonable adjustments for autistic staff. These are usually straightforward, inexpensive and beneficial to productivity;
  • enable individuals to access the working lives they aspire to and deserve.

Because autism is a “hidden” or “invisible” condition, you may not be aware of who is autistic and who isn’t. Autism can present itself in a myriad of different ways in different people.

Neurodiversity powers up society, business activity and creativity, so we want to help you to harness that and support your staff’s wellbeing.

Find out more: contact alex@waymakers.co.uk

Did you know that the government will fund up to £62,900 for eligible individuals who have support needs in the workplace?

Click here for a downloadable guide for employers about the Access to Work scheme.

[See Resources page for easy-read version.]

Autistic talent

Autistic people may be immensely focused and hard-working, they may be strategic thinkers, highly creative or have a keen eye for detail, they may have an exceptional memory or be driven to adhere closely to rules and systems to get a job done well.

And yet many workplaces may have been inaccessible options for them so far.

An interview alone may be too daunting and uncomfortable. And without knowledge of communication differences, an interviewer may form a judgement based on social conduct rather than skills for the job.

Or perhaps an interviewer loves the potential in a candidate and gives them a job, but certain aspects of the role or working environment pose repeated challenges and lead to staff absences or, worse, disciplinary action.

Again, an employer may look upon this from a neurotypical standpoint and feel this isn’t a good fit after all.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

By developing an organisation’s understanding of autism and making a few small adjustments, it is possible for everyone’s needs to be met, resulting in success for the individual and the wider business.

All organisations function best when workplace culture is supportive, flexible and able to unlock the potential of each employee.

Leaders who recognise the strengths of individual staff and know how to harness these to fuel the development of their business, often reap the rewards tenfold.

Besides better business performance, they also have a body of workers who are motivated, who feel valued, and who strive to achieve great results.

WayMakers has the expertise and skills to help you build a better business.

Neurodiversity Policy

Don’t yet have a neurodiversity policy? We can provide one.

Our policy is intended as a starting point for your organisation: delivered as part of a training package, it can be personalised for your setting, and included in your HR Handbook.

Please enquire for details.

Autism Training & Consultancy

Workshops range from an ‘introduction’ to autism, to bespoke sessions tailored to your needs and the context of your organisation.

We share knowledge, understanding and practical tools to develop your team’s knowledge of autism, promoting equity and an appreciation of a diverse workforce.

Suitable for all those involved in recruiting, supervising, supporting and working alongside those with autism, our training is not stand-alone but is intended to form part of your organisation’s best practice as managed by HR.

Neurodiversity for organisations and businesses

Neurodiversity in Education

Find out more: contact alex@waymakers.co.uk

Workplace Needs Guidance

WayMakers conducts personalised workplace needs interviews in connection with a current or prospective candidate, trainee or employee.

We will evaluate the demands of a role and relevant environmental factors to identify:

– how you can get the best out of the individual, and

– how to manage any challenges they may face.

Following our evaluation, a bespoke Guidance Report will be provided to recommend the ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ that will improve the likelihood of lasting success for both employer and employee.

Adjustments are usually low cost and straightforward, such as making slight changes to the workstation, the pattern of the working day, or perhaps to the manner in which a duty is carried out.

‘Reasonable adjustments’ are what it says on the tin: reasonable. They are designed to get the best out of your staff.

Find out more: contact alex@waymakers.co.uk

Access to Work funding may be available for adjustments beyond those considered “reasonable” for the size of the business.

Click here for a downloadable guide to the Access to Work scheme.

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