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About us

‘We believe life’s transitions should be a springboard instead of a barrier.’

Alex Kelly, Founder and director

  • Experienced coach
  • Specialist Autism Provision Lead
  • Trained in leadership of autism provision & of the Autism Progression Framework (AET)
  • Secondary teacher
    (mainstream & Pupil Referral Unit)
  • IPSEA SEND Law Level 1
  • Fully insured & enhanced DBS

I am a passionate educator, autism specialist and solution-finder for those facing barriers.

Helping others locate that sought-after sweet spot – the place that flexes to a person’s needs and plays to their strengths – is my focus. Here lies success and progress, for individuals and for the world to which they contribute.

That means peeling back labels and diagnoses, doing away with unhelpful ‘scripts’, and getting to know a person well enough to plan an accessible journey and build the right launchpad. This is best done collaboratively.

I love wrapping my mind around others’ stories so that I can devise a truly personalised and holistic way to reach them and fuel their progress.


Secondary Teaching: mainstream & additional needs

My “individual needs antenna” was alert from the start and remained so throughout my time in the mainstream English classroom.

Moving into settings that supported additional needs in 2014 was a natural step. I learned about and observed with interest the complex interplay between the influences on a young person’s development, including:

  • home life
  • the wider community
  • relationships
  • peer dynamics
  • educational environments and approaches
  • individual needs and interests
  • neuroscience
  • lifestyle habits, such as nutrition, sleep & exercise
  • specialist interventions

After 2 ½ years in a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), I took on the leadership of a new specialist provision in North Devon.

There, I devised ways to meet the needs of autistic and anxious learners whose social and emotional needs could not be met in mainstream settings.

Safety, Self-Assurance and Strengths

When in education, I created a holistic and bespoke curriculum that balanced appropriate academic challenge with opportunities for personal development. I knew that a person needs to feel sufficiently safe and self-assured to take risks in order to flourish.

I have a deep and practical understanding how the challenges that the world can present for neurodivergent people, and of the entrenched anxiety that often arises as a result.

I have developed a comprehensive and well-practised skillset to help people transform their lives through a greater appreciation of their own strengths, needs and aspirations.

Elasticity and Guidance

I know that our minds and habits are more elastic than we could ever imagine, that we are all capable of change, and that sometimes we all need a little help to get there.

That’s where I come in: partnering with our clients, we are WayMakers together.

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